Who is www.rudragemsvalley.com?


Rudra Gems Valley is a sister concern of M/s Beaded India, established in Varanasi many years ago. We are committed to offer all kinds of prayer malas, prayer products, prayer accessories and Indian clothings worldwide at the lowest possible prices and flexible minimum order quantity. We use FedEx, DHL, TNT and Indian Postal Services to ship the goods accross the world.


What are the strengths of the company?


We take your stress and supply satisfaction. To make you stress-free, we work over following aspects quality control over production, competitive pricing, excellent customer service, minimum shipping charges, fast shipment delivery, regular updates on processing status, post purchage survey and post delivery survey for satisfaction and feedback, complaint handling and resolving if any etc.


Which country do you ship and how?

We ship our products to all over the world by courier, air freight and sea (ocean) freight. We use FedEx, TNT, DHL and UPS courier services for courier door delivery shipments.


What is the delivery time?

The courier shipments take 5-7 days in delivering from the date of shipment. Air freight shipments generally take approx 1-2 weeks and sea freight shipments take 4-5 weeks.


What is the production time for a product?

Production time may vary from product to product. Some of the products are on stock which can be shipped in 2-3 working days, some take 1-2 week whereas some 2-3 weeks and some 3-4 weeks. We inform the tentative production time at the time of placing order.


Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ) and minimum order amount?

Yes, we have displayed minimum order quantity (MOQ) of each products in their description. We understand that every customer wants and accept first trial order of minimum amount $100 so that you can check our production time, quality, delivery time and customer service etc.


How much is the shipping charges to my country?

Shipping charges are calculated online at the time of checkout. Please login and make your order to see the shipping charges.


Which payment methods do you accept?


We accept payments by paypal, credit card and telegraphic transfer (TT / bank wire transfer) which are always safe and secure.


How can I place my order?

Just register youselves for the first time, and after that always login and start adding products to your card or wishlist. It is very simple, userfriendly and convenient. We keep your personal information highly confidential and don't share them anywhere.


Is there any discount?

We work on nominal margin and offer best competitive prices so as to increase our sales volume, but still we can reconsider for best possible discounts.


Happy shopping at www.rudragemsvalley.com.

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